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《Dealing with Personal Information》
In regard to personal information acquired from this inquiry form, we handle it as following:

-We carefully handle work in order to surely protect the personal information that should be confidential in advanced information society.
-We manage and protect of personal information in order to earn trust for society or customers.

The Purpose of Personal Information Usage

We only use the personal information of customer upon necessary procedures such as for product delivery, payment process and sending a notice.

  1. When we collect/use/offer the personal information, we clarify the purpose of usage to customer in advance and never use the information except for the purpose.
  2. We observe regulations, other rules and law set by the country related to protection of personal information.
  3. We ensure to manage the personal information safely in every ways to protect from inaccurate access, leaks or loss.
  4. We continue to improve the protection management system of personal information.
  5. We respond to any kind of grievance procedures and protection management system of personal information.

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