Amagi’s Technology

Amagi can produce fully custom made machines and solutions to meet your needs

The greatest strength of Amagi is the technological capability to make “One-of-a-kind confectionary machines” to meet the customer’s needs.
If you are not satisfied with general-purpose machines,
If you want to automate your line production,
Amagi can provide solutions to all your requests with our original methods and years of experience in the field of confectionary.


Amagi can manufacture a wide range of confectionary machines

Amagi produces not only forming machines for confectionary products, but also feeders, mixers, depositors, stamping machines, extruders, and even packaging machines and more. This means we can suggest, prepare, and install a production line from start to finish.
The technical capability of Amagi is based on the accumulated know-how of years of manufacturing machinery for chocolate, biscuits, candy, and various other types of sweets.


Amagi has the ability to propose the best solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

One of the characteristics of Amagi is that we can propose the concept of the whole line in order to obtain the optimal production way and amount which suits to the customer’s step of the way from initial consulting to proposal, planning and finally to installation.

This ensures we create the most optimal solution to your request. Experienced project managers and engineers of Amagi can provide optimum production line and equipments by having meeting to spread the idea together with customers.


Amagi can obtain the latest information form all over the world

American and European technologies of confectionary machinery are also unique and advanced.Members of Amagi team are well skilled in foreign language such as English. Therefore, we can provide our machines to companies from various countries.


Amagi can offer value-added machines

Not only to meet the needs of customers, but also we would like to offer the value-added confectionery machines made in Amagi.As manufacturing company, it is required to have safety, high quality and productivity. We produce such a production line together with customers.


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