Custom Made Machine



Forming Machine

  • Molding machine
  • Depositor and Depositing plates
  • Shell former
  • Wafer center supplier
  • Nuts center supplier
  • Stencil machine
  • De-molder
  • Guillotine cutter
  • Flipping device
  • Erichsen roll
  • Beveling drum
  • Chocolate kettle
  • Chocolate mold
  • Center forming machine(Ganache forming machine)
  • Topping machine for chocolate and cookies


  • Line for chocolate filling into tray
  • Automatic chocolate products feeding system
  • Chocolate cartooning with accumulated, lining-up and counting device
  • Vacuum style chocolate bar feeder
  • Chocolate and cookie assort line by robot feeder

Cookies, Biscuits

Forming Machine

  • Depositor(Including nozzle heads from other maker’s depositor)
  • Wire-cutting forming device
  • Laminate forming device(For hard biscuits and pies)
  • Rotary molder forming device
  • Stencil forming device
  • Oven(Steel, Mesh)
  • Wafer cutter and oven
  • Langue-de-chat rotary machine
  • Baumkuchen cutter and lining-up device
  • Capping machine
  • Powdering machine
  • Beans and biscuits grinder, Granulation device, Chopping machine


  • Continuous tray filling device for stick style biscuits
  • Tray filling device for biscuits
  • Crackers lining-up
  • biscuits lining-up
  • Biscuits stacking device(able to change row number)
  • Meandering trace device
  • Metal detector
  • Automatic inspection, Replacement device

Candy, Gum

  • Batch roller
  • Sizing roller(5 steps, 3 steps, 2 steps)
  • Laminate forming device (For hard biscuit and pie)
  • Sheet forming machine
  • Rotary cutter
  • Candy depositor
  • Die cutting roller(Die forming machine)
  • Thickness sorting machine
  • Burring drum
  • Coating pan
  • Candy transport lift
  • Semi-automatic fondant sampling and scaling device


  • Jelly filling and packing machine
  • Jelly sterilizing equipment

Dried laver-rolling machine for rice cracker

  • Dried laver- rolling machine for rice cracker
  • Dried laver pasting machine for rice cracker



Cartoning device

  • Stick, Bag, Column and various style

Accumulation, Lining-up device

  • Loop collector (Servo-loop)
  • Double loop
  • Robot

Feeder machine

  • Cardboard feeder
  • PP tray feeder
  • Card feeder
  • Tray feeder

Checking machine

  • Checking machine for sugar coating products
  • Checking machine for tablet gum pieces
  • Automatic assembly line for hybrid car battery

Preparation equipment

  • Horizonal mixer (Batch, Continuous)
  • Vertical mixer
  • Cooker (Vacuum, Oven)
  • Kneader (Kneading equipment)
  • Tank (Jacketed, Non-jacketed)
  • Silo
  • Hopper
  • Scaling device (Automatic, Batch-continuous)
  • Powder trans
  • Pump (Lots of usage)
  • Laboratory cooker, Laboratory mixer
  • Continuous steaming & Kneading machine

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